donderdag 8 januari 2009

Information Geneva Convention 2008

Swiss federation will prepare for lunches Saturday and Sunday ONLY at midday, some snacks and drinks (hot-dogs, sandwiches, french fries, coffee, drinks, etc). These things are to pay ONLY IN SWISS FRANCS!
In the evening, it is not possible to prepare a dinner as we purposed at winter meeting.
The exact address for sport centre is:
“Bois des freres” Sport Center
Ch. De l’Ecu 22
1219 Vernier Genève
All official are in the same hotel:
ETAP HOTEL, Avenue Louis-Casaï 26
1216 Genève
Tél. 022) 710.46.36 (Monsieur Bruno Chiris, assistant de direction)
Fax 022) 710.46.10

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